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Buzz365Media specializes in producing live online broadcasts. Since 2016, we’ve provided local event organizers the opportunity to be trailblazers by reaching an untapped online audience via a professional live streaming platform.

This online channel is dedicated to highlighting local activities that inform and provide value to the community.  It provides a great opportunity to promote your business while providing a platform for local events to gain additional reach and viewership.

Reach people interested in local events every month!

Buzz365Media has covered several events; some were private and others were open to the general public. Below are the stats from our most recent projects.


• Total views – 10,199
• Unique views – 7,671

  • Desktop (47%)
  • Mobile Android (27%)
  • Mobile iOS (17%)
  • Tablet (8%)
  • Connected TV (1%)
  • USA (95%)
  • Other (Canada, Europe, Africa, Caribbean, South America) (5%)