Showcasing your business to the local community

We recognize the challenge businesses face with staying relevant in a digital age.  Businesses are looking for innovative and cost-effective ways to market their brand, share their story, provide information about events, and sell their product and services.  More Americans express a preference of getting information via video.  Our live streaming channel combines the power of watching television with digital delivery and is a unique way to attract interest from a growing demographic of people who consume information through online video.

Buzz365Media features the efforts of local leaders and businesses within our local community

How Buzz365Media works with Event / Content Owners

Buzz365Media produces live broadcasts that feature local leaders, businesses and events, creating a schedule of live programs.  Buzz365Media supports live stream programming with advertising sponsors.

• We broadcast in-person interviews, product launches, information sessions, etc. on location
• We highlight sponsors at the beginning, during and end of each broadcast

• Add the video player for the broadcast to your website
• Your target audience will view your event live and on-demand on our website and social media from any device (e.g. phone, tablet or computer)

Why partner with Buzz365Media?

There is mutual benefit from this partnership, minimal effort by the business & several direct benefits.
• Access to a live streaming platform with your branding at no cost
• Engagement with consumers and supporters of your brand in the community
• A new way to showcase what your business has to offer
• Additional connection and recognition in the community

Feature your local business on Buzz365Media

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